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Most Christians don't know their spiritual gift. Tate Springs' Discovery Workshop helps Christians discover their personal gift so they can start making a world-changing impact.

We know what it's like to wonder if your life is making a difference for God's kingdom, and over the years have helped thousands of Christians discover how God wants to use them. Our desire is to help you discover how God's uniquely gifted you. When you discover your spiritual gift, you can begin fulfilling the purpose to which God called you, making a lasting impact with your life.


This is why we developed a Discovery Workshop, where you will: (1) Learn what the Bible says about spiritual gifts, (2) Take a spiritual gift test, and (3) Apply your gift in a meaningful way. We will help you find specific ways to implement your gifts, so you can start making a difference in people's lives today.

The Bible says Jesus dispersed gifts to his followers upon his ascension (Eph 4:8). If Christians don't know their gifts, they're not just missing out on a part of what it means to follow Jesus, but missing a significant blessing of Jesus' death on the cross and resurrection from the grave.


Once you learn your spiritual gift, you'll be empowered to begin making a difference in the way God intended. Christians that know their gift can help change the world. Register for the Discovery Workshop today. Why? Because your life will not be as impactful as it can be until you discover God's unique gift in you.