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  • Curtis James

When Children Doubt Their Decision to Follow Jesus

I have the privilege of interacting with families on a regular basis whose children are walking through the journey to salvation in Christ. It is an exciting and challenging time, especially when your child is younger.

In my experience children most commonly commit their lives to Christ between eight and ten years old. I believe this is primarily due to the fact that the child has been raised in a home and church that has taught them the Word of God and it is at this age that they become aware of their need for Christ. 

I was one of those kids.

I don’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t love Jesus and long to please Him. At a very young age I began asking questions about salvation to which my parents and pastor patiently encouraged me until I reached a point of a basic understanding of what it meant to be a Christian.

One of the challenges we face as parents is the fear that our children will question their salvation experience later in life.

They almost definitely will.

You may find my statement unsettling, but it is completely natural for a teenager to question everything. It is during this time that the parent can look back with their child and recall the steps and process they went through in their salvation experience.

As a parent you need to be an integral part of your child’s faith journey so you can help them come to know Christ when they are ready and help them reaffirm their relationship with Him when questions arise.


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