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a brief history

On February 5, 1882, ten forward-thinking individuals met to organize Tate Springs Baptist Church with the purpose of serving the crossroads community of Tate Springs. Throughout the history of Tate Springs, the church’s goal has been to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20) to reach the surrounding community, sharing the Gospel.

Endeavoring to expand the reach for Christ, in 1983, Tate Springs planted a church in Arlington to reach all people in general, yet focused on Blacks in particular. This church became Cornerstone Baptist Church.

Yet Tate Springs was not finished with the dream of community outreach. In 1984 another Arlington church was planted, which is now called the Church on Rush Creek.

Over the years Tate Springs would plant over ten churches.

Today, 136 years later, Tate Springs continues to serve the community, striving to reach those who need hope, to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, to worship God, disciple, learn, and raise families.

Tate Springs is a place you and your family can call home. Come let us help you discover your part in God's story.